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Willow Tree

The Best Gifts for Situations Where Words Fail You

There are times when your mouth feels dry, and you can’t think of the right words of encouragement, sympathy, or love. You have the feelings and want to express them but can’t think of how. Sometimes a thoughtful gift can say more than words. Expressive figurines, where gestures and emotions are displayed for you, make wonderful gifts. Here are a few situations where a gift can say a thousand words while you’re struggling to find the right ones.


A New Baby

Having a baby is a momentous occasion, but sometimes you aren’t sure how to congratulate someone. A gift of a figurative sculpture that captures the moment is ideal and better than just saying a hearty “congratulations!” Choose a figure like one that features a man and a woman holding a baby, the woman cradling the baby’s head, and kissing the baby’s forehead while the man holds her and supports the baby. Another option is a man sitting and holding the baby while a woman kneels behind him, holding his arm and looking over his shoulder. Both represent the loving relationships that form between child and parents.

Loss of a Loved One

It can be hard to express sympathy for friends and loved ones when they lose someone close to them. It can feel like walking a tightrope, where you might say the wrong thing. Instead, express your sympathy with bereavement gifts. An angel with wire wings and her hands crossed over her heart, holding a small, gold heart, is meant to recall memories. It helps remind the person that we keep memories of lost loved ones safe within us, connecting us to those we love. Another option is an angel with outstretched arms, holding a butterfly. It can represent courage and confidence, being ready to fly despite hardship and grief. The angel can also represent freedom, honoring someone with a free spirit.

When “I Love You” Isn’t Enough

Can’t think of a good way to express your love for your partner? Try saying it with a figurative sculpture featuring a man and a woman embracing each other. Depending on which angle you view the sculpture from, it can look like they are kissing or dancing, giving multiple interpretations of the piece. Another option is a man sitting with a woman standing behind him, holding his shoulder with one hand and holding his hand in the other.

About Willow Tree®

Artist Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree® figures represent the relationships and strong bonds forged between us and our family, friends, and pets. The aim of the intimate line of artwork is to comfort and inspire, leaving the interpretation of each piece up to the giver and recipient. The pieces are cast from Susan Lordi’s original handcrafted carvings, made in her Kansas City, Missouri studio. Each piece is then painted by hand. Simplicity of form makes Susan Lordi’s signature Willow Tree® sculptures easy to recognize, and gestures such as a tilt of the head, a turn of the body, or a placement of the hands reveal emotion instead of facial features. Willow Tree® offers a wide variety of meaningful figures, with artful sculptures, angel ornaments, bereavement and memorial gifts, wall plaques, cake toppers, appreciation gifts, and much more.

Browse the entire Willow Tree® collection at Willowtree.com

Original Source: http://bit.ly/2SP7lUy

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